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Kalashnikov USA KS-12TSFS 12 Gauge Tactical Side Folding Shotgun



Product Features & Specifications

Kalashnikov USA KS-12TSFS 12GA Tactical Side Folding Shotgun

Based on the Russian saiga series, the KS12T SFS is a 12-gauge semi-automatic tactical shotgun with an 18.25” barrel. This gas-operated shotgun accepts 2.75” and 3” magnum shells and feeds with different rounds of box and drum magazines. It has a threaded barrel that allows you to install any muzzle break of your choice that fits. Its total length with the buttstock fully extended is 42.25” and 38.5” when collapsed.

The adjustable gas regulation system on the shotgun has the option to custom-tune gas pressure into the action. It allows you to use heavy and low recoil loads in different settings. It shoots with low recoil target loads, birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. It comes with a 6-position collapsible and side-folding buttstock. The notch on the safety allows you to hold the bolt open. The KS-12T SFS is compatible with most of the saiga accessories like magazines, drums, muzzle devices, and chokes.

KS12T SFS merges the ergonomics of an AK with the action of a saiga series shotgun to give you the best of both firearm styles. The KS-12T SFS is a highly reliable, robust, and easy to operate shotgun in close-quarter conditions.

Manufacturer: Kalashnikov USA

Model: KS-12TSFS

Caliber: 12GA

Barrel Length: 18.25”

Firearm Type: Shotgun

Stock Type: Side Folding Collapsible Stock

Overall Length Extended: 42.25”

Overall Length Collapsed: 38.5”

Weight: 8.86 lbs

Dimensions: 44” x 11” x 17”

Made In: USA

UPC: 811777020456



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