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Brownells BRN-10 Slip Ring Matte Black


Product Features & Specifications

Retro Slip Ring.
Replicates Early M16 Rifles Contours.

Brownells BRN-10 Retro Slip Ring replicates the contour of the slip rings used on early M16 rifles, so it’ll add an extra touch of period authenticity to your next “retro” AR-style .308 build. This slip ring is aesthetically pleasing, easy To install, a good value, safe, tough, and works with many guns.

Retro Slip Ring Flat Exterior.
Enable Non Free Float Drop-In Handguards On Your .308 AR.

Just combine the BRN-10 slip ring with a .308 barrel nut, handguard spring, and snap ring to add the correct handguard retention hardware to your barrel. The flat exterior of the Brownells BRN-10 Retro Slip Ring enables the use of non-free-float drop-in handguards on your .308 AR.

Fits DPMS And Armalite Pattern Rifles.

Featuring an aluminum construction Flat exterior, no taper like modern delta rings. Fits DPMS and Armalite pattern rifles.

Brownells BRN-10 Retro Slip Ring Specs

Manufacturer: Brownells

Model: BRN-10 Retro Slip Ring

UPC: 4157075546

SKU: 078000388

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